Dance Conditioning Camp

2 to 5 December 2019

137 Cecil Street, Hengda Building, #12-01, s069537

4 conditioning classes designed specially to take your dance ability to the next level

and a special talk on 'Foot fitness for Bunions'.

1.Dancer's Core Training


3.Accelerated Flexibility Training


We welcome dancers training in intermediate to advanced levels.

All attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

Investment for Camp

Per day - $60

Talk - $20

4 days + Talk - $197

Day 1 - Dancer’s Core Training

(Mon 10am - 12noon, 2nd Dec)

We all know as dancers how important it is to have a strong core. Many of Joseph Pilates’ original students were ballet and contemporary dancers, who sought after his classes not only as a form of conditioning, but for healing as well. Discover the Pilates Matwork Repertoire and learn how to practise these pieces as a form of conditioning to compliment your dance training.

Day 2 - Pre-epaulement

(Tues 10am - 12noon, 3rd Dec)

How many times have you heard your ballet teacher say “use your epaulement”?

In French, épaulement (ay-pohl-MAHN) literally means “shouldering.” In ballet, it refers to the position of the shoulders, head and neck. When a dancer is praised for having a “good epaulement”, it means she has mastered coordinating the artistry of port de bras with her upper back and this requires strength and mobility in the T-spine.

Learn what it takes to achieve the dream epaulement in this class.

Day 3 - Accelerated Flexibility for Dancers

(Wed 10am - 12noon, 4th Dec)

Being a dancer is almost synonymous with being flexible. However, flexibility training is not just about doing lots of stretching. Whether you’ve been gifted with hypermobility or are constantly working to maintain and develop greater flexibility, understanding safe flexibility training methods are key in taking your flexibility to the next level.

Day 3 - 'Foot fitness for Bunions' Talk

(Wed 2pm - 4pm, 4th Dec)

*Dancers who are 10 years old and below are recommended to come with parent.

Do you have bunion(s) and are you bothered by them? Do you have to wear pointe shoes but they are giving you a lot of pain afterwards? Could it even be the reason why your foot, knee or back is in pain?

We cannot reverse the bunion condition but there are ways to help manage and prevent it from worsening. Barefoot Master Trainer, Alycia Chua, suffers from bunions too and she understands first-hand the importance of how a pair of strong feet can affect your body. She developed them because of her love for dancing. Her feet were not strong enough to handle the stress pointe shoes had on her feet after a prolonged period of time. “My Ugly Feet”, Alycia refers to her flat and wide feet. That was how she felt when she did not know how to strengthen them.

However, Alycia discovered ways to strengthen our feet and has dedicated years to study Barefoot Training from New York City Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global leader in Barefoot Science, Dr Emily Splichal. She felt her feet regain strength and can now control her bunions very well. Alycia has transformed her “Ugly Feet” into a strong pair of feet that supports her in doing what she loves!

Join her for an afternoon so that she can share with you useful stretches and effective strengthening exercises you can do to improve and maintain your foot health!

Day 4 - DanceInjuryFree!

(Thur 10am - 12noon, 5th Dec)

Sustaining an injury in dance can be at best, a ‘momentary’ interruption to dance training and performance. However it could also be career ending if corrective actions are not taken to rehabilitate and retrain the dancer.

The DanceInjuryFree! program helps you better  prepare your body for dance by applying Barefoot Science, together with the incorporation of PowerPlate and Naboso Technology to optimise your movement patterns to enjoy dancing, injury free.